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All Thermopel® paints are developed, tested, and produced in the USA and meet our strict standards for superior heat-reflective properties. Not only do our paints save money by cutting down on the amount of sunlight and moisture your home absorbs, but they also stay true by providing dynamic colors for years.

Thermopel paints are low in VOC (volatile organic compounds). They contain none of the risky lead, chromates, mercury, or other toxic pigments that can cause damage to your health and the environment. Instead, Thermopel paints consist of natural, environmentally-friendly materials created in the USA to ensure quality and attention to detail.

Thermopel® Repels Heat

Studies have shown that the heat-defying qualities of Thermopel paints consistently outlast those of the competition, making Thermopel the most heat-resistant product on the market today. This high level of reflectivity means that you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bills by painting your home, office, or other structure with Thermopel – and it’s just as easy to use as ordinary paint.

Thermopel 230

Outstanding coverage and steadfast color with a smooth eggshell finish for sheetrock, wood, and masonry both indoors and out. Available in one- and five-gallon containers.

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Thermopel 403

Waterborne 100% acrylic elastomeric coating for concrete, brick, stucco, plaster, or mortar. Available in one- and five-gallon containers.

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Thermopel 1015

Combat the effects of sunlight and moisture on your aluminum roof or siding with Thermopel 1015 – our aluminum paint. Available only in five-gallon containers.

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Thermopel II

Waterborne glossy enamel paint for steel, wood (weathered or primed), galvanizing, and masonry. Available in one- and five-gallon containers.

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