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CS-100 and the Thermopel® Family of Concrete Sealants

The heat reflective properties unique to Thermopel facilitated the development of the CS-100 and other Thermopel family of concrete sealants that are capable of protecting concrete pads and structures against the damaging effects of temperatures as great as 400°F. The petroleum-based sealant, along with its chemically-neutral encapsulated Thermopel additive, penetrates the surface of cured concrete to protect it against destructive heat.

In addition, the unique chemical bonding characteristics of Thermopel sealants have proven an extremely effective protectant to the harmful impact of spilled lubricants and petroleum-based fuels. When CS-100 was applied to a CV-22 Osprey landing pad at Hurlburt Air Force Base, oil was found pooling on the pad surface where fuels or lubricants were previously spilled. As the CS-100 penetrates the concrete, it attacks the hydrocarbon and forces it to the surface, allowing it to be removed.

Commercial applications for Thermopel sealants are as broad, if not more so, than for that of the military. Thermopel’s family of concrete sealants serve as a moisture shield reducing the concrete’s porosity. Applying the sealant to runways, garages and driveways, submerged columns and beams, warehouse flooring, commercial and residential concrete floor slabs, and parking structures, will prevent absorption and minimize staining.

Every project has unique needs and requirements. Thermopel sealants can be custom-tailored to specific needs.

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