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Manufactured in the USA to ensure quality and attention to detail.


The Thermopel® brand is owned and trademarked by CenterStar, Incorporated. Our mission at CenterStar is to develop heat-reflective, high-strength, flame-resistant materials for military and private use. We will use our additives to enhance and improve existing products and develop strategic partnerships with manufacturers. We will strive to use our technology to promote green products whenever possible.

CenterStar is a forward-thinking company dedicated to caring for the environment and providing customers with the most advanced heat-resistant paint and concrete additive/sealant products available.

With corporate headquarters located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, all of our paints, sealants, and additives are developed, tested, and produced in the USA and meet our strict standards for superior heat-reflective properties.

Not only do Thermopel paints, sealants, and additives save money by cutting down on the amount of sunlight and moisture your resources absorb. They stay true by providing dynamic protection for years. Each paint and sealant product is low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) and contains none of the risky lead, chromates, mercury, or other toxic pigments that can cause damage to your health and the environment. Instead, Thermopel is comprised of natural, environmentally-friendly materials.

CenterStar manufactures Thermopel paints, sealants, and additives are produced exclusively in the USA to ensure quality and attention to detail. Studies have shown that the heat-defying qualities of Thermopel products consistently outlast those of the competition, making Thermopel the most heat-resistant products on the market today. This high degree of reflectivity means that you can save up to 30 percent on your energy bills by painting your home, office, or other structure with Thermopel – and it’s just as easy to use as ordinary paint. Using Thermopel products will enhance, strengthen, add durability and heat protection to concrete resources and decrease the cost of maintenance and/or replacement.

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