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Mr. Naifeh joined CenterStar in 2019 as Director of Marketing and oversees the identification and development of the market place for all of the company’s product lines, both domestic and international. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at the University of  Texas at Dallas and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Dallas. Naifeh began his career at Brown-Forman Corporation as a sales representative. Within ten years, he was promoted to Export Sales Manager at Brown-Forman and Jack Daniel International Company. His international experience brought on the revelation that “in the global community, our similarities far outweigh our differences.” This mindset led Naifeh to the following assignments:

Accounts Manager for Overseas Service Corporation representing the interests of major consumer goods companies such as Browning Arms, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Coca Cola, and Schlitz Brewing.

As Vice-Consul at the British Consulate, Naifeh assisted British manufacturers in finding markets for their products in the United States.

Held a position at CatCaz, Inc., a catering company serving the needs of American oilfield workers in Kazakhstan.

Project Manager for a collaborative project between IBM and Phillips Electronics, where Naifeh recruited multi-lingual teams for the collection of voice data to support voice-activated products for automobiles worldwide.

Naifeh’s background is a blend of international humanitarian commerce with a focus on sales and marketing. The highlight of his latest philanthropic endeavor is nearing a successful completion: To eliminate poverty in the city of Dumaguete, Philippines by providing the tools and training for economically challenged youth. As of February 2020, the project was responsible for installing computer learning centers in the city’s eighteen public elementary schools that serve a population of 13,500 students between grades three through eight.