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Eliminate toxins and reduce your energy bill with this waterborne enamel paint that goes on with a glossy finish. Mildew- and chemical-resistant with vibrant, long-lasting color, Thermopel® II repels corrosion while cutting heating and cooling costs by up to 30 percent. Interior and exterior use on steel, wood, masonry, and weathered or primed galvanizing. Product of the USA.


A new and improved single-component, waterborne, chemical-resistant, acrylic gloss enamel. Thermopel II Acrylic Enamel has improved flow and leveling characteristics, extended color and gloss retention, and better “dry fall” capabilities. Aquanaut© II does not contain lead or chromates, is very low in volatile organic content, and is available in a wide variety of colors. Conforms to ANSI/AWWA D102-06, OCS-3.

As an attractive finish for most interior or exterior surfaces including steel, wood, weathered or primed galvanizing and masonry. Thermopel© II Acrylic Enamel offers long-term corrosion protection, mildew resistance, outstanding gloss, and color retention. May be used directly on metal in general to mild environments. Thermopel© II is compatible over many aged paints (test patch is recommended). For mild to moderately aggressive environments, use Aquanaut© Acrylic Primer and Aquanaut© II Acrylic Enamel as a two or three coat system. May apply “dry fall” under most conditions (see APPLICATION). Thermopel© II is compatible with Induramastic 85, Indurazinc MC-67, PE-70, and other Induron mid- and low- sheen products.

Do not use for immersion service. Not resistant to strong acids or aromatic solvents. Keep from freezing. Do not apply over oily surfaces.

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