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Thermopel® proprietary concrete additive enhances concrete by adding heat resistance and creating less permeability to chemicals and external elements. Thermopel has proven, through testing and everyday application, to prolong the life of military flight-line concrete pads.

The concrete additive is especially useful with STOVL aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II and Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey aircraft. Both aircraft generate high levels of heat and pressure during vertical takeoff and landing. Thermopel increases the durability and lifespan of these high-utilization areas affording significant cost savings through expensive repair and replacement.

On existing concrete areas, the utilization of the Thermopel CS 100 sealant has become a valuable commodity item. The sealant enhances and repairs existing surfaces with less cost outlay. Instead of having to remove sections of concrete, Thermopel CS 100 allows the repair of existing concrete while improving its integrity.