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Thermopel’s heat-resistant cement concrete technology includes a proprietor additive that adds durability, flexibility, and heat resistance to concrete. The additive restricts access to ingress and transport of chemicals and external components to concrete.

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Thermopel’s proprietary concrete additive enhances concrete by adding heat resistance and creating less permeability to chemicals and external elements. Thermopel has proven through testing and everyday application to prolong the life of military flight-line concrete pads.

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Unlike consumer-based goods, which are entry-level products and primarily formulated for lower price points, Thermopel products are genuinely professional-grade. Contractors, architects, and engineers have historically used Thermopel for military, commercial, and industrial projects.

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Thermopel sealants and paints are environmental-friendly products produced for residential applications. Thermopel products are easy to install making them a highly-valued choice for residential applications.

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